Q1. If the ‘A’ go down when robots are running , what is going to happen to those robots? Do those robots halt with server? Do they not recover like restarting on another server in the same cluster? I think they halt and never restart automatically, but it is for confirmation.

ANSWER: You are absolutely correct. Those robots are unfortunately “lost” and will not automatically be re-run.

Q2. I think these servers run independently with the exception of KCU sharing. Is it right?

ANSWER: Yes, each RoboServer instance is running as its own stand alone process. Besides sharing KCUs and both being managed by the same Mgmt Console, they are acting independently of one another.

Q3. I configure 3 servers: ‘A’,’B’,’C’. And I allot 2 KCUs to both ‘A’ and ‘B’ other than ‘C’.
In this case, ‘A’ and ‘B’ is online, but ‘C’ is offline, I think.
In this situation, what will happen if ‘A’ go down by something fault?
Do the KCUs allocated to ‘A’ re-assign to ‘B’, or ‘C’ ?

ANSWER: The KCUs will be reallocated evenly amongst all RoboServer instances that are still active and on-line. I would expect to see the KCUs re-allocated to Server B if Server C is in fact offline.