"Java/.NET APIの参照資料"


Java/.NET APIについては、C:\Program Files\{バージョン}\API 配下にそれぞれのドキュメントと使用例をご参照ください。

※BizRobo! Basicインストール時にAPIを選択しておく必要があります。

Javadoc API Reference:{インストールフォルダ}¥API¥robosuite-java-api¥docs¥api¥index.html
.NET API Reference:{インストールフォルダ}\API\robosuite-dotnet-api\docs\robosuite-dotnet-api.chm

Developer’s Guide に参照先の記載があります。

Robots are executed on RoboServer through an API (Java or .Net). You may use the API directly in your
own application or indirectly when you execute robots using the Management Console.

This guide consists of three parts:
• Java Programmer’s Guide, which describes the API that can be used in Java programs.
• .NET Programmer’s Guide, which describes the API to use in .NET applications, including C# programs.
• Kapow Control Protocol, which describes the creation of a JMS client for executing robots over Java
Message Service (JMS), using Google Protocol Buffers (Protobuf).
Java and .NET API reference documentation is available from the API folder in your Kapow installation
folder, such as C:\Program Files\Kofax Kapow\API.