When I try to open a robot on DS after directly editing its .robot file on the editor, a "Could not open file" error occurs, impeding the robot from opening, and the original state from being reachable again



An error occurs and the robot file cannot be opened.

Error Message 1


Could not open file. Not a valid file format.

Error Message 2


Could not open file. Error parsing robot tile: The element type "property" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</property>".



If you have backed up your .robot file before directly editing it, restore it from that backup. Creating a backup is done by default.
Robot files previously saved have a tilde mark "~" in their extension.
By deleting this tilde "~" and creating a ".robot" format, you will be able to use the robot.
※Display the file extension if it is not displayed.

If there is no backup, try to come back to the original situation with one of the following method.
If you do not succeed, you might need to recreate your robot from scratch.
・The Undo function of the editor you used during your direct edition
・If the editor you used during your direct edition automatically inserts a BOM, delete the BOM


※We will not provide any support for each of the files you directly edit.

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