If the list of elements generated when using ISA does not match, it will be generated as an element


When using ISA, elements are generated based on the table below but if they do not match, they are generated as an element. This corresponds to an omission in the User's Guide. As a result, the display surrounding the elements changes depending on the elements, hence generating them as linklabel or element, in which case you should try an image recognition or a coordinates specification method.

(From the User's Guide)
Intelligent Screen Automation (ISA)
The following table lists supported UI elements.

UI element name Widget name Element-specific attributes Notes
Dialog box, frame, pane, and other container N/A A general parent element that contains other elements. For example, an entire dialog box or a form inside this dialog box can be a container. One of the special containers that Kapow can recognize is a table.
Button button name Regular buttons with defined borders.
Icon icon label A graphical element that does not contain any text.
Table table   Tables are represented in the widget tree as separate elements with the following restrictions: merged cells are not recognized and headers are the same as regular cells. Each cell is defined as an item in the widget tree. Items can contain other UI elements, such as check boxes, text boxes, and other.
Text box textbox label A text field.
Check box checkbox label  
Option button (or radio button) radiobutton label  
Text and text label linklabel name Either a standalone text element, such as dialog box subtitle, or a UI element label, such as a check box label, text box label, and so on. If a text is recognized as a UI element label, the UI element will contain a label property with the label name as its value. In the following example, textbox element will contain label="Name" property.

Reference: How to use image recognition in Desktop Automation

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