In BizRobo!Launcher, an error occurs when I execute a schedule while the screen is locked.



In BizRobo!Launcher, no connection can be correctly established with Design Studio and an error occurs if you run a schedule while the screen is locked.




In v3.0.1, the update has been made. Please consider this version upgrade. ※ The installer is here.

 In v3.0.0, you can move the set schedules and language settings by following the procedure below.



  1. Unfold the zip file of BizRobo! Launcher v3.0.1.
  2. Copy "conf.ini" and "mini_launcher.db" that are stored in the folder of v3.0.0.
  3. In the v3.0.1 folder, replace the files with the same names with those copied in step 2.