Variables for DS Expressions


In "Expressions", you can select from a drop-down menu, expressions to use in a general formula, and if you select variables, this will output the values stored in them.

(Example) If the value stored in variable "name" is "Tanaka"
▼Select the variable "name"

▼The value stored in the variable is output

In "Expressions", fixed texts shall be surrounded with symbols such as " " or >> << but this is not necessary for variables.
※For details about methods to describe expressions that include fixed texts, please refer to: "How to formulate statements when using strings of characters, variables or the newline character \n in expressions in DS?".

Please be careful when using symbols that express constants such as " " or >> << on variables because your variable name will be interpreted as a fixed text.

For more information about expressions you can select other than variables, please refer to the link below.
Constants (" " and >> <<) for DS expressions

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