Malfunction in the SSO authentication of MC


As described below, Single Sign-On authentication that uses SiteMinder is possible on MC, but SSO authentication does not correctly function because of a malfunction affecting the versions previous to 10.4.

Can I use Management Console with SSO?

Reference:10.4.0.x Release Notes※Correction complete for
1209252 Siteminder login did not work
1201961 Management Console became unresponsive with Siteminder

So please use versions 10.4.x or higher to perform an SSO authentication that uses SiteMinder on MC.
However, keep in mind that an LDAP linkage is a precondition to perform an SSO authentication, such as described in the reference below.

Reference document: Manual for linking Active Directory and Management Console
※A BizRobo! PORTAL account is required. Please see here for details.

Section Released Ver. Repair ID Corrected Ver.
Malfunctions 10.3.0.x and lower 1209252,1201961