Error displayed due to RoboServer license check failure



RoboServer (RS) has been licensed for 24 hours from the Management Console (MC).
However, the license check process of RS does not work properly due to a bug.
Therefore, if the following error is output, the robot cannot be executed.

Deactivating RoboServer. The server has not been activated for more than 24 hours.

If the above error is displayed, the KCU assigned to the RS will be initialized due to the failure of the RS license check, and the following error may be displayed as well.

RoboServer has not been activated. The RoboServer has been assigned 0 KCU. You must assign KCU to the RoboServer in Management Console before it can start any robots.

【Recovery measures】
(1) Restart MC / RS and reset the license information of RS.
(2) Re-register RoboServer with the hostname or IP address in MC and re-authenticate RS.

Since the root cause of the error is that the license check processing of RS is not operating properly, please upgrade to a countermeasure version where the license check processing is disabled.



Classification Occurrence version Renovation ID Correction Version
Bug 10.2.0,,,, 1254673, 10.4.0