The application behavior differs depending on how I start it


Depending on the launching method, the processes behave differently while operating a DA application.
This is due to the fact that the corresponding application and node.exe (DAS) can transform into job objects (child processes) depending on the launching method.

Launching methods:
(1)Launch the application by specifying a file path (or URL) in an Open step
(2)Launch the application using the GUI with a Click step or a Press Key step

(1)The corresponding application is launched as a job object of node.exe. In that situation, shutting down the DAS process will also force the corresponding application to shut down too.

(2)The process of the corresponding application is launched alone.

Because the handling processes differs depending on launching methods, effects on how processes behave can happen, reason why you need to use the proper method to launch an application.

For example, if you cannot add or operate a new window after launching an application with an Open step, try to launch the application with a Click step or a Press Key step and re-run the process.

You can check the tasks manager for information about launching as a job object.


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