Where can I find the product manuals?


The product manuals that describe operating environments and installation procedures are included with the product, and each of them are extracted in the folder below when executing the installer.
Please take a look at them once you have installed the application.

For the 64bit version
C:\Program Files\<version>\documentation\EN

For the 32bit version
C:\Program Files (x86)\<version>\documentation\EN

Manuals bundled with the product

They are stored under the following install directory.
C:\Program Files\Kapow{version}\documentation\EN\print

※KofaxAnalyticsForKapowAdministratorsGuide, KofaxAnalyticsForKapowReleaseNotes, KofaxRPAAdministratorsGuide, KofaxRPADevelopersGuide, KofaxRPAGettingStartedDocumentationGuide, KofaxRPAInstallationGuide, KofaxRPAProcessDiscoveryAgentGuide, KofaxRPAUserGuide.


HTML help documents

They are store under the following install directory.
C:\Program Files\{version}\documentation/EN/help/kap_help/


However, if you do not choose "Custom" in "Setup Type" and "Documentation" in "Feature" during the installation, the manuals and documents above will not be extracted, and you will have to redo the installation with the corrected options.

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