Going back to the Design Mode from a debug location


You can return to the location being debugged if you move to Design Mode or if use GOTO during debugging. The procedure below describes how to return to Design Mode with the two previously mentioned actions.

  1. If debugging stops somewhere in the robot, click "Go to this Location in Design Mode" 4.png to switch to the Design Mode.

    With this, you will be able to precisely check the location in the Design Mode and change the steps surrounding it as well as other parts of the robot.

    You can also switch to the Design Mode and move to the location where the value has been returned.

  2. Select a value in the Output panel under the "Input/Output" tab and click "Goto" in the bottom right corner.

    This manipulation is useful to know the reason why a value has not been correctly extracted.

    By switching to Design Mode, you can also move to the location where an API exceptions has been returned or where an error occurred.

  3. If an API exception appeared under the "API Exceptions" tab or under the "API Exceptions" sub-tab of the "State" tab, click "Goto" on the side of the location code to move to the location where the API exception was generated. Click "Goto" to the right of a specific error to move to the location where it occurred.

    This manipulation is useful in specifying the cause of the error and fixing the underlying problem.

  4. You can resume the debug process once your manipulations in the Design Mode are finished. If the robot has not been modified, click "Run" 1.png.

    If the robot has been modified, debugging is automatically relaunched, which means you cannot directly resume the debug process. Instead, you can start a new debugging session from the current location in the Design Mode by clicking "Start Debug from Current Location" 3.png.

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