Limit number of characters for robot and project names on DS


Our product does not have a limit number of characters by itself.

However, it adopts the limit number of characters defined in the OS files names and in full paths, including the file paths where files are located.


Below, is an extract from Microsoft website.

Maximum Path Length Limitation
In Windows API (excluding the exception explained in the following paragraph), a path maximum length is MAX_PATH and is defined by 260 characters.

The local path is structured by a drive letter, a column, a backslash, a name component delimited by the backslash, and a terminal null character.

For example, a maximum path in D drive is "D:\string of characters for a 256 characters path<NUL>".

Here, <NUL> expresses the invisible null character of the current system code page. (The <> characters are here used to help visualization but they cannot be used as a valid part of the path string of characters.)

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