How should I submit feature and enhancement requests?


If you have a feature or enhancement request (FR or ER), please write it in the Feature Request section along with its "potential business" impact such as described below.

※The knowledge base is also accessible to other companies, so please refrain from sharing your confidential information.


If your request is applied, we will publish something in the "Problems resolved" area of a release note along with a description of the dysfunction.
Please check the corresponding BizRobo! knowledge base where new release notes occasionally appear.

Example)10.4.0.X release note

<Business Impact>
・Please write in detail what you think might be the demerits and the business impact of not implementing your suggestion
 Example) XX exists in our internal security policy, and if the request is not implemented, XX consequences are to be expected.

※In addition to the business impact, if you also describe possible merits for other companies, your request will be more likely implemented.
 Please also precise which version you are currently using.

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