Precautions when editing snippets


1.If many robots use shared steps transformed into a snippet in Design Studio

When modifying a step inside a snippet, the snippet is modified and all other snippet steps referring to the modified snippet are also modified.

(Example) Robot A, Robot B and Snippet A are on the same project in Design Studio and steps of Snippet A are included in Robot A and Robot B.
After editing Snippet A in Robot A, the edited part is immediately reflected on Snippet A of Robot B and on Snippet A.

This also occurs when directly editing Snippet A (however, only snippets descriptions and snippets variables lists can be the target of a direct edition).

2.If you want to update a snippet used as a shared component by a group of robots in the Management Console

Snippets used as shared components should be uploaded only after checking if no problem arises when testing all robots that are using them.

Because it is important for every snippet name (in every project) to be unique, re-uploading a snippet always overwrites the previous version. Besides, as uploads take place when the robots using the snippet are not already operating, the update is only effective from the next time the robots are launched.
(Even if you upload a robot, it will be uploaded as an attached component)

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