Desktop Automation / Device Automation


Use this tab to set preferences for Desktop / Device Automation.
The following options are available.


Option Explanations
Command Time-Out (sec.)

Specifies how long the Design Studio must wait for a reply from a command on an automation device. This option applies only to automating terminals and browsing websites in Desktop / Device Automation Workflow.

A command is an instruction sent to Automation Device, such as click mouse button, open application, add a Location Found guard, and so forth. If a command cannot be completed in a specified time, the service sends a notification and execution of the robot stops.

Note that in case of a Location Found guard, this setting applies to invoking the guard in the workflow, but waiting for the guard to be satisfied is not bound to this timeout and can wait forever. Similar situation occurs when using the Move Mouse and Extract steps. The commands must be invoked on the device withing the timeout specified in this field, but the robot waits for up to 240 seconds for the commands to complete.

(This controls the TCP communication time between DS/RS and DA)

Local Hub TLS Configuration Settings
See Use TLS Communication for more information.
Use Default TLS Configuration 

Use files provided by BizRobo! for TLS communication between Design Studio and Automation Devices.

Private Key File 

Path to a private key file used by the local hub that exists on the Design Studio computer.

Public Key File  Path to a public key file signed by the underlying private key.
Trusted Certificates Folder  Folder to store trusted certificates.
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