Management Console


Use the "Management Console" tab to choose connection settings in Management Console. The URL must be unique but you can setup multiple connections to Management Console with different protocols, users and passwords. When you specify a license server the first time you start Design Studio, it is automatically added to the Management Console list.

Name of your Management Console.
URL to connect to Management Console. Enter HTTP or HTTPS and a port number to specify a protocol. (Example) http://localhost:50080/
You can also use an IP address in this field.
User Name
User name needed to access Management Console (if any).
User Password (if any).
Show DB warnings
If checked, database warnings (e.g. could not find the table) are displayed in the upper part of the Robot Editor.
Accept JDBC drivers
If checked, the JDBC driver is distributed from the Management Console to the Design Studio. There is almost no need for the user to inactivate this option.
Use as Password Store
Select this if you want to use your current Management Console as a Password Store. This option affects the location where you get authentication information with a "Lookup Password" step.
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