Is there a way to simultaneously press 3 buttons using the "Press key" step in Device Automation (Desktop Automation)?


You can do that by using the virtual key code feature and set a program to press and release multiple keys.

Please refer to the procedure below as it explains the procedure to click "Windows+Ctrl+F".

The virtual key codes of each one of these buttons are as follows:

・"Windows(left)" key =「0x5b」

・"Ctrl" key =「0x11」

・"F" key =「0x46」



1.Select a "Device Automation" ("Desktop Automation") step and click the "Edit..." button next to "Workflow".

2.Add a "Press key" step.

3.Select "Calculated Key" in the drop-down menu of "Key".

4.In "Key code", enter the virtual key code "v0x5b v0x11 v0x46 v0x5b,fu v0x11,fu v0x46,fu".

(※)It is important to separate each key code with a half-width space. Enter "v" before a key code to press it, and ",fu" to release it.


(Entry example)




■Using a variable and virtual key codes

You can set the "Key Code" area if you set the virtual key codes to a variable.


Please refer to the attached file (仮想キーコード一覧.pdf) for a list of virtual key codes.



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