Is there a method to reach the following steps even if an error occurs while testing a condition?


You can set the Design Mode to "Smart Re-Execution" mode.

With the "Smart Re-Execution" mode, if an error is returned from a Test step, an error dialog box does not appear, a red stop sign is displayed on the Test step and the next steps are executed.

However, a blue exclamation mark "!" will appear if  you click one of the steps previous to the Test step that has an erroneous content, or the step itself.

※You can display the error dialog box by clicking the red stop sign.

■Screen when an error appears in the "Minimal Execution" mode.


■Screen when you select a step previous to the Test step (or the test itself), under the "Smart Re-Execution" mode.


■Screen when you select a step following the Step test, under the "Smart Re-Execution" mode.


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